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Howdy! 🤠

I'm Jacob Herrington.

I write code at DEV and I run the devpath.fm podcast. I also help maintain the Solidus platform.

Sometimes I do consulting through Narvi.

I live in Northwest Arkansas with my incredibly talented wife Kristen and our dogs.

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I'm trying to fool conferences into giving me a microphone.

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I like to help organize conferences. I've been a board member, fundraiser, or talk reviewer for each of the events on this list.


I use all of these tools daily-ish.

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Joining the Solidus Core Team

November 25, 2018

Recently, I accepted an invitation to join the Solidus Core Team. It’s an opportunity that excites me, and I look forward to discovering more ways I can support the Solidus community.

To encourage transparency, I’m going to share a few of the goals I have for Solidus:

A modern, more-efficient User Interface.

I believe that stakeholders evaluating eCommerce solutions are prone to making decisions based on the User Interface. When you compare the Solidus’ stock frontend and admin UI to something like Saleor, it is obvious which project has placed more importance on User Interface. I would love to see Solidus’ stock UI become an asset that attracts new stakeholders instead of driving them away.

A polished User Experience.

Imagine yourself as an eCommerce operator. Your task is to upload a dozen new products. Would you prefer to do this on Solidus or Shopify? As developers and stakeholders, we should be asking questions like: How long should a given task take? Is it arduous, frustrating, or tedious? We should look for opportunities to sharpen edges and nitpick details that make Solidus appear lesser or unfinished; they are plentiful. Polish is something that sets an eCommerce platform apart from the alternatives.

Community growth and increased adoption.

As the Solidus community grows so does the number of contributions, the volume of feedback, and the longevity of the project. Increasing repository activity and continuing to provide high-quality support via our Slack channel are great ways to strengthen our existing community. Also, I would like to see the Solidus blog become more active and encourage community members to contribute to the content we share. A more active blog will not only keep our existing community in the loop and involved, but it will also attract new community members and drive traffic to agencies that build on Solidus. Investing in the annual Solidus conference (things are looking great for 2019) will keep the close-knit core Solidus community focused on goals that benefit all of us.

A solid roadmap.

One of the most disconcerting issues with Solidus is the lack of a good roadmap. It’s difficult to tie your business to a technology project without a sound idea of how the project will progress. It’s essential that the Solidus team align itself with the community’s vision and becomes transparent concerning their goals.

Ultimately, I want to increase transparency and communication with the community. The Solidus team has made incredible strides in the last year concerning community involvement and documentation, and I hope to contribute to continuing those efforts leading to more contributors and stakeholders.